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“Maglev Events” Events planner company specializing in organizing Corporate, business & Social Events; our team have been operating in Egypt for more than 15 years. We have that much experience and successful events that made us want to expand more and more and open our market here in the UAE; our key to success is that we create new concepts and ideas and to take our clients to go through this experience with us that will lead us to more success for both parties.

What is Our Goal?

Our mission is to implement our concepts and ideas in this big market, and adding our mark in this market is our aim, and to reach our goal, your satisfaction & successful events are our priority.

  • Entertain our visitors and offer unforgettable experiences
  • Deliver to our sponsors and help them achieve their goals
  • Carve a space in the marketplace for our vision and new creative concepts
  • Help retailers sell their products through our exhibitions that attract consumers

Maglev Events are unforgettable.

Our Concepts and approach to event planning is sure to amaze and excite visitors of all ages.


Corporate Events

Companies use corporate events to bring people together to develop interpersonal relationships that couldn't exist inside the structured environment of the office & sometimes for training & motivational purposes; we can make an excellent experience for your employees that gets out the best of it, please get in touch with us to find out more details concerning our types of corporate events we offer.


While a conference differs in size and purpose, it’s our responsibility to find a suitable venue, theme, speakers, etc. Please get in touch with us for more details concerning packages.

Product Launches

We can help you create the most influential product launches that will impress your guests; please get in touch with us; let us know your budget, and give you suitable options.


We create the most intricate Exhibitions to showcase our clients products.

Social Events

Social events are not only for fun; they can also help attract more customers and are an excellent tool for networking, fashion shows, sports events, Iftar Ramadan, Gala dinner etc. Please contact us and let us know more about the event’s purpose to find you the best options.

Customized sponsored events

Besides our yearly scheduled events, you can sponsor it to advertise your brand by supporting an event financially in exchange for brand exposure to highly engaged attendees. We can also design your event that you will only sponsor for you. Please get in touch with us for more details concerning the scheduled Yearly events or other inquiries.

Email: dina.alaa@maglevevents.com

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October 2023

Maglev Events

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